Day Four: Arrivederci Roma!

View of The Vatican

The last day of any holiday is always the same is it not? Up early - too early even for our usual continental breakast. Checkout from the room and say a last goodbye to the excellent hotel staff and then drag our heavy bags - Mr. Hemmings loaded as usual with a new supply of Lavender massage oil - to catch the earliest bus into the Terminus. Locating the airport transfer bus back was real confusing and I was beginning to wonder if we had made the right choice here - another Rome rip-off? Eventually we found it and boarded the bus back to Champino. Another anxious moment. Must make a note for the next trip to Rome - "ask the driver where to pick up the bus on the way back".

Constantines Arch from the Coluseum

As we had missed our food, I was of course, Mr. Orton, starving hungry and there was only one thing for it for breakfast - pizza. Lots of lovely cold pizza washed down with coffee. I can see the look of total repulsion on Mr. Orton's face now! Unfortunately, Mr. Orton was never at University when such things were the stuff of a students existence. The rush of nostalgia was worth the ten euros!

The usual check-in formalities completed, we were soon airborne again and on our way to the splendid city of Coventry. The flight afforded us a great view of The Alps this time. No photgraphs from me though as Mr Hemmings hogged the window seat!

This time the flight was much more smooth and routine and we touched down to a perfect landing and were met by the family. Another holiday over. Next stop - Detroit USA!

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