Day Nine: Gone Fishing!

Awoke to the rather disturbing sound of..............silence! How quiet is it here!? Anyway, after breakfast on the porch to a rather cloudy day, I tried some fishing with a lure for the first time since I was 13! The previous time was on the River Severn at Bridgnorth where we caught mainly Chub and Barbel. here Nick informed me we were after Pike and Bass. Both loved by the Michigan people for their good eating

Anyway, after about 20 minutes fishing out of the boat, Nick struck with a good sized Pike - the first live one I have ever seen so close up. To my disbelief, the next catch was mine - a 3 lb Bass! First freshwater fish I had caught for 31 years!

Anyway, after this, the fish evaded us and we returned to shore to help one of the neighbours fit some winter protection to an outdoor pool. After this, and some lunch, I cast in again and 10 minutes later, another Bass! About 2 lb this time! Here's me hanging on to the fish whilst it it nibbles at my fingers!

After all this excitement, Cindy cooked us a superb meal of steak and rice, and then it was down to more fishing and yet another Bass! Brill. Three fish in one day! Nick was well impressed, I was amazed; Cindy singularly unimpressed! Oh Well, You can't win em all!

The evening once again settled down to to some beers around the fire, this time with some tunes blaring out of the outdoor stereo system that the house is equipped with. Some of the neighbours, Pam and Dennis, came round and we chatted about things politics until late. What could be better than this? Well, a trip to Hell and back I suppose!

Anyway, Here are some of my favourite sunset shots.......

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