Day Seven: Driving round Detroit

Awoke at the remarkably early time of  8:30 am. Ablutions this day included a shave (first one for five days Mother), followed by breakfast. Its good to see Nick looking after himself in this way - warm oats followed by orange juice and coffee. I had decided to ditch the vanilla flavoured milk at this point in favour of "coffee - white - straight up".

Our lazy schedule today gave me time to write up some post cards and this journal! I was most conscious of Mr. Orton's requirements to make extensive notes so we may publish these for the benefit of Mr Hemmings, our fellow traveller and e-mail spammer of notorious jokes! Well, there is some downside for being aquainted with a librarian.

Our schedule today included recycling and replenishment, and of course readers, this means mainly beer. So it was time to sort out those bottles from the cans and then off to Sam's Club for more Sam Adams. And we also bought some more food to go with the beer. Whilst "at Sam's", I embarked on a search for a model truck for the Nephew, Thomas. Likes his trucks does our Tom, but you would have thought that there would be a better selection in the land of the automotive than what was on offer. Anyway, we passed on what was on offer her.</P>

next onto a drive around northern Detriot and an interesting district called "Birmingham". I must be going mad I thought; I have to visit Birmingham twice a week back home, what am I doing 3000 miles away in Birmingham? You would have thought our colonists could have come up with something more inventive than the same name a the place you have just left. No wonder they didn't make it back in England - "Ooooo alright then, lets call this place er.... Birmingham" Great! They should have interogated the native Indians a bit more here I think - some place like Saskatoon sounds far more romantic and North American than "Birmingham". Why not go with the Black Country version and call it "Brummigen" - then there would have been a romantic local urban myth to go along with it! No imagination!

After this, we drove to Royal Oak" . This was a great place for shops, bars and restuarants. In a shop called Funky 7" , I bought a bad attitude T-shirt. According to the owner, Channel 4 from the UK had been over the previous week filming in and around his shop.

Lunch was at Tom's Oyster Bar where I enjoyed a classic "New-lins jambalaya, and a few beers. After this, and a wander around the streets, we headed back to the ranch.

Our evening was completed with some DVD's of Captain Ron and 3 Days of the Condor . Early to bed as tomorrow was for preparation for a weekend at the Lakehouse.

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