Day Six: The USAF Museum Day Two - its really that big!

Note: I've put some large pictures on this page so it may take a while to load you non-broadbanders

I awoke early again and after ablutions, breakfast, which consisted of coffee, orange juice and corn flakes. Much like a breakfast in England, but somehow resembled the dreaded breakfasts of France and Italy. However, this was sufficient to sustain us for the morning and for a bargain price of the accomodation - who was going to complain?

We returned to the museum and had a look around the exhibits missed during our tour with Herb. Its probably best from this point, dear readers, to follow the rest of the tour in your own time, by following the link to the museum's web site.

Anyway, here are some shots of me and Nick around the museum:

After a great visit to the I-MAX to see a film shot aboard the International Space Station, we headed for lunch. One thing that's really good about US Government establishments: the food is good and very well priced. Something for our chaps to consider Mr Hemmings when planning our own museums and "official" attractions.

Time then to head off back to Michigan whinch was achieved via the infamous I-75 and the eve more crowded I-275 again. This time at the temperate speed of 65 mph due to the proliferation of radar armed State police seeking speedy Michigan-plated drivers.

We arrived back at the Davies household quite tired after a 250 mile trip, but Cindy had prepared a wonderful Chilli, over which we relayed our adventures. After which, we settled in front of the television for a while. Its amazing to see how bad American TV really is - even the natives are fed up with it! Anyway, Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey in top form was well worth staying up late for! Tomorrow? Well, the domestic duties of a traveller cannot be overlooked can they?

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