Day Four: All done in and in need of some R & R

Sunday: Woke at 10:30 am after a nice long sleep. Not a pussy in sight as you will remember, the two cats were co-habitants of this abode.

There followed a long lazy breakfast on the terrace, followed by more lazing around in the much improved sunny 72 degrees weather. Too Much Slacking!

So what shall we do in the afternoon? Yep, more lazing around in and around Union Lake. Swimming, drinking Sam Adams and more swimming and just soaking up the sun! I can see Mr. Hemmings rolling his eyes already! "I'm bored, bored, bored!". Well, its that kinda day on a sunny Sunday in Michigan!

Its amazing how much stress relief this seven hour beak provided. No worrying about housework, computers or work; just sit and laze around. Brilliant.

After all this excertion, it was time for tea, well a pizza actually and settle down in front of the TV to watch Mr Costner and Mr Russell in "3000 miles to Graceland".

"Time for Bed said Cindy". "Time for Bed said Zeberdee". "How did he get in here said Andy?!"

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