Day Two: Lets get some clothes on!

Well, after an excellent nights sleep with two pussy's - that's Keita and Ozzie - it was time to bid farewell to Cindy! Ah! Ha! She was off to work! Role reversal here as Nick and I decided that the day could be best spent in doing that girlie thang - shopping! More specifically, shopping for clothes!

However, whilst enjoying a substantial breakfast Nick style, I had time to look around the Davies garden and some of the many plants and artifacts, such as the frogs , and the squashes ripening in the morning sun.

If there is one thing that's really great about about the United States, its the great deal you get from the clothing outlets. Its like every shop is Matalan - cheap and good quality. So we set off after the morning rush hour to find Birch Run

After equipping myself with new jeans, new shades, loads of new shirts and sweat shirts, we set off for lunch at Frankenmuth Brewery. Well, when in Rome.....

Now then, I'm not know for drinkling much of a lunchtime, so a few welcome Bavarian style lagers later, and was ready for an afternoon kip, which we promptly did, only to be awoken at 5:30 PM by the sound of Cindy returning from work: "Hi honey, I'm home; YOU SLACKERS! You're all asleep! I'm working by butt off and you're asleep". Oh Dear. Domestic on the second day. Mr. Orton will not doubt be rubbing my nose in this for years to come as when on holiday, I do like to get some rest in and it wouldn't be quite the Churchillian thing unless one can have forty winks in the hot sun now would it? Anyway, I'm always better in the evning after a little snoozy...

Well, aftre the dust had settled, it was time for one of Cindy's excellent chillies - and you know readers how much I like chilli - and then off to one of the curious "I'm back in England really" scenario's; the local village funfair at a nearby secondary school. Complete with rollercoasters, ghost house and all things you'd expect to find at the funfair at Willenhall or Pelsall Common.

Cindy is really into these. Nick and me were more into the Clarkey idiom of "let get down the pub before closing time". No rush though, as this is the States! No 11:00PM and its all over here! So off we rode to Batchelor 1 and to see a live band, "Teabag". Obviously these chaps were payiing there due respects to that unfortunate incident in Boston harbour. We all have to contrubute to the cost of our defence guys, no use chucking your tea out of the boat.

Well, my only romantic encounter occured after a few Sam Adams, as the "lady" sitting next to me decided that she'd pluck up the courage to talk to me and then started arguing about the fact I was from Birmingham! I'm not from Birmingham MI, I'm from Wolverhampton, England! And no, I didn't know that the capital of Alabama is Montgomery -but I do now. I though I was doing alright here, much to Nick and Cindy's amusement, however, all promising things must take a nosedive somewhere and she disappeared as her "mate" decided that beer and "Jack" aren't enough and she'd smoke some funny enough to make her pass out. I didn't get the ladies name, but she must have been a good mate to surrender a possible holiday in England for her drunken associate. Not that I was in much better of a state. Still feeling the after effects of tooooo much beer and tooo much Jack, I was off to bed. I managed not to wake up on the floor, or throw up, so I think I managed to keep the reputation of our countrymen intact that evening, though God knows how.

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