Day Fifteen: Homeward bound

Well the day finally arrived when I had to return. After packing up, Nick and me went over to Country Boy for a last breakfast and then we drove for the last time to the Detriot MacNamara airport. We took the usual route down the I-275 -ooo er! - and then swung into the drop off zone. I commented to Nick that this was like being driven to the dentist to have a tooth pulled - I hate going home.

We said our final farewells and I checked in. Then I went through airport security - what an ordeal was that; I should have stripped off completely I think - and then I got some last minute prezzies such as a new mug for the office and a few cheap Tigers momentos. After wandering around a while, and doing a little reading of Gordon Coopers autobiography - "Leap of Faith", it was time to board the British Airways 767.

Having settled into my seat, I thought, a few drinks and sleep for seven hours! No way. I couldn't drop off and ended up watching all three in flight movies and an episode of Friends into the bargain!

Well having landed back at Heathrow and being collected by the brother-in-law, (hurrah to Phil!), it was back to the humdrum of normalilty with just a few souvenirs and a load of memories of a great time with the cousins from over the pond. Last thing to say is a big thanks to my hosts, Nick and Cindy and remember....

Keep right on you slackers!