Day Twelve: Well what else do you do on holiday?

This is a very brief journal entry as after all that excitement of the past few days, rest was in order again. Well this was a holiday after all and unlike the Berlin tribulations and the advetures in Rome, I'm sure The Queen would agree with me that "one needs one's rest". Cindy was off to work and left us "slackers" to the holiday makers routine - post cards and souveniers!

Breakfast was courtesy of the "Country Boy" restaurant over the way from the house and I had the usual big "Americana" of loadsa bacon, eggs easy over, or is it over-easy? I can never remember, sausage, hash browns washed down with three or four coffee cups.

Of course, as a responnsible uncle, you can never let your four year old nephew down and tracking down a suitably large American toy truck was the main task of the day and some task it proved too! Also, Mr.Orton's order for "Heroclix" figures was also proving somewhat of a problem. having tried numerous local stores, we did find an appropriately large truck, complete with cars, but the "Heroclix" were rather elusive.

Then came the US Post Office. I have to say that its a mighty clean environment. No smelly dogs and people queuing for state handouts here. No, get in an orderly line and wait your turn - queitly! I purchased what I thought was enough stamps to ten Post card hoem, however, there was a problem in that not everyone seems to have recieved their cards. Obviously the US Postal Service ain't that good then!

Another "slacking in the afternoon" followed.its sometimes good just to be able to take timeout reading or just lazing around with a beer. If I was in France, this would be "de rigour". However, 3,000 miles from a French town makes a difference and the French weren't exactly the US's best friends at that moment due to the French stance on the Gulf War part deux - "lets get Saddam".

The evening consisted of a pleasant visit to CJ's, and some more "Red". Cindy declined to join us "Slackers" as she was working the next day. Nick and me were thus able to engage in a "what's been happening in England" and the economy type conversation.

Having returned slightly the worse for "Red", we settled down to watch the Rams -v- 49ers on TV. Well, me and Nick as Cindy has the same attitude towards US sports as most of her counterparts in the UK - something to do with paint and drying or something like that. How interesting I thought! But what would have happened to civilization had we not had our sport? Lost to the Spanish Armada in 1588 because we had got out of the harbour too quick and snapped the spars? Bowls saved us that day! And what of the value of Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics? Its just a game is it Mr. Hitler? Oh well, each to their own.

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