Day Ten: To Hell and Back

I awoke around 9 and after a lazy breakfast and ablutions, wrote up this diary. It always struck me at this particular time of all those dedicated politicians who have the time to write up their diaries and then publish them for a tidy sum. How do they do it? Dedication? Time creation? I never have time in my day job, or the inclination, to sit for a half an hour each day writing up the day's events. Then again, I've never held a public office and this is the best its going to get. If you want to look at how its done profesionally, try the General J.N. Kennedy papers at the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives held at King's College London. Sorry readers! However, in the cause of winding up Mr Hemmings and Mr Orton, this was a sacred duty on this trip.

The weather overnight had turned cold and it had rained into the bargain. Therefore, we decided that a trip to Hell would be in order - not least to warm us up! Having arrived at this "one-horse town", brunch at "the cafe" was in order followed by a trip to the post office to purchase some cards. These were duly singed and posted to family, work and friends with a special stamp! Hope you kept yours!

The tourist shop was real weird as it had a chap who continously sang the "Monster munch". I could decide whether Adams rendition of "Popperinge" was worse or this chap who looked like something out of Scooby-Doo. Cindy accordingly advised me Americans prepare early for Halloween, hence why this shop was so popular.After this excitement and some photo taking, we went back to the Lakehouse for a Steak dinner. Excellent!

Now, if you ever wanted to know how country folk entertains itself, here is one observation! As a comparision, what the Swedes do is still a mystery to me as when I visited rural Tammenshede in 1997, they curiously disappeared after work. Hmmn, video production perhaps? Chess? Recreating Abba perhaps? Here is a few answers though from rural America.

The we drove 200 yards to "Geoff's house" for the evening's entertainment. We had to drive as we had some much beer to bring with us. The local in-promtu band "TimeWarp " were to be the main enterainment. The band was called this because Geoff has a clock which is stuck at 9:30. This was held in Geoff's basement! Geoff had converted this into a bar and setup all instruments including drums, guitars and keyboards. The best bit though was the timbers bar which included an optic of 2 litres of "Jack". As the evening progressed, and more Sam Adams was consumed, the more of the local turned up and the bigger the band got!

At some stage, Kirk showed up and told us of the deer he had killed with a bow earlier that evening. The Americans are big on this and hunting is a major exercise during the short bow hunting season. The animal is not just shot for pleasure entirely though; the animal is carved up for its meat and consumed duriing the winter and its skin sold to the local shop for making clothing with. Also, if the deer were not kept under control, most of them would die as the area can't sustain so many animals.

Mike arrived shortly after this and the band started in full swing and played until the early morning. With more beer and Jack consumed, the louder the band got and even Nick and me joined in with some sort of Rolling Stones tune. Cindy, of course, gave a rendition of "Mustang Sally" - my most hated tune- but hey! The evening eventually ended up with Mike promising us "Brits" - i.e. Nick and me- a go with his .44 Magnum on the morrow, but more of that in the next despatch! Anyway, Thanks to Geoff for the hospitality and putting up with my bad singing!

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